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Between our state laws and environmental concerns, NC insurance laws can be overwhelming. Get the basics of North Carolina auto insurance, North Carolina home insurance, North Carolina health insurance, and North Carolina life insurance before you pick a policy.

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North Carolina Insurance—Tips for Saving

North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. And who can blame people for wanting to live there? Low cost of living, plenty to see and do, beautiful weather year-round, and famous Southern hospitality are just a few of the reasons people are headed to North Carolina.

North Carolina insurance rates, whether you're looking for auto, health, or home, are also affordable and well below national averages:

  • Auto Insurance. Auto insurance in North Carolina averages $591 annually, which results in monthly payments of around $50. Factors like your driving record, deductible, and amount of coverage also play a part in the amount you pay, but the averages give you an idea of what other residents pay. Nation-wide, auto premiums average just under $800.
  • Homeowners Insurance. Even with its proximity to the Eastern coast (and higher likelihood of hurricane damage), North Carolina insurance for homeowners averages $649 a year, over $100 lower than the national average of $804 annually.
  • Health Insurance. With healthcare insurance and the cost of health care services in general on the rise, average premiums for a family in North Carolina run around $10,000 a year. Over a third of all North Carolina residents are without health insurance, according to a 2008 survey.

Saving on North Carolina Insurance Rates
Now more than ever, people are looking to cut costs. These tips will help you save money on all types of North Carolina insurance:

  • Purchase multiple policies from the same company. Virtually every company provides multiple policy discounts. So if you need homeowners or renters insurance as well as auto insurance, you could save money getting it from the same company.
  • Update your home. North Carolina has many beautiful old homes, but in some cases they are expensive to insure because of the higher likelihood of fires or water damage from outdated electrical or plumbing systems. Updating your wiring and plumbing can help you save.
  • Look for discounts. There are so many discounts available to drivers and homeowners, there is no reason to pay full price for any insurance. A few of these include good driver or good student discounts, discounts for military service men and women, and discounts for certain professions like police officers or fire fighters.
  • Enhance your security. Whether you install a car alarm in your vehicle or put deadbolt locks on all your doors, security and anti-theft devices can lower your rates about 10% or more.

Comparing Rates
Perhaps the best way to save money on your insurance is to shop around and compare rates from different companies. It sounds like a hassle, and it is—unless you use a site like This comprehensive site not only provides you with insurance information unique to your location, but it will also quickly give you quotes of North Carolina insurance rates so you can compare them for the best prices.